Data and mapping for good.

We live in a world full of data. However, deriving insights from socioeconomic datasets that cover rural areas takes special considerations due to the inherent challenges in rural data coverage, data granularity, and the relative sparseness of the population. We help our partners see small town America with fresh eyes.


With our extensive knowledge of rural economies, markets, and trends, we help our partners design and build mapping tools to implement rural engagement strategies. Whether it is for research, journalism, program deployment, investment, or site selection purposes, if you have a need for custom mapping and data analysis, let’s talk! 

Unleash your town's potential.

Many rural community leaders have realized that for their towns to stay economically healthy and competitive, they need to include digital workers in their local economy. Digital economy ecosystems have sprung up naturally in cities, but with some strategic programming and partnerships, small towns can embrace digital economies as well. We first developed our mapping technology to find rural towns that were succeeding in today’s economy so we could study them. Now, we implement what we learned through our data analysis, as well as through the RISI team’s extensive experience in rural economic development practice and policy. Our organization also is launching year 2 of the Rural Innovation Initiative, where we help towns design digital economy ecosystems and apply for Ri6 grants from the Economic Development Administration. Learn more about this policy here.

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